Why Join Us


Why participate in an ACO? And why the Optimus Healthcare Partners ACO?

Fee-for-service contracts reward physicians to perform volume and have no recognition for the patient’s quality, cost or experience.  The health plans and purchasers of healthcare are demanding new compensation arrangements that reward value.  An ACO provides the infrastructure to document and improve your performance along with the resources to maximize reimbursements in these new contracts.  Those physicians not involved in ACO’s will likely see continued reductions in fee-for-service reimbursements. 



Of critical importance will be choosing the ACO that displays a competent/ experienced infrastructure, physician-driven governance, and a culture that embraces change instead of protecting private agendas. The Optimus ACO was developed by physicians, for physicians, and has brought together an experienced team of professionals. All critical programs and components have been aligned including the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care redesign. Optimus Healthcare Partners will not only represent you but help you thrive in the new performance-driven healthcare systems.



Your Best Interests in Mind


When deciding to participate in an Accountable Care Organization which one will have your interests in mind? A health plan driven and governed model, a hospital system governed model, or a physician governed and focused model? The choice should be clear.



Physicians are the ultimate coordinators of healthcare delivery and best suited to drive quality, increase efficiency, and decrease costs to put value into the system. We should have the final say regarding the clinical guidelines we will follow and the remuneration we receive for bringing such value. Optimus Healthcare Partners will allow you to remain independent and receive the support you need for Care Transformation and movement towards Patient Centered Medical Home designation. We will remain focused on equitable distribution of value-based shared savings to all the physician members in our network.



A Transformative Model

Optimus is a Transformative Model to make the patient experience in our network an excellent one by helping you develop the tools for Care Transformation, Population Oversight, and the Delivery of Quality Care. We endeavor to achieve this by following evidence-based medical guidelines, increasing communications by all participants of the healthcare team including the patient, optimizing chronic care clinical pathways, and avoiding readmission and medical errors.



Optimus will supply the Information Technology, Infrastructure, Medical Management expertise, and Care Transformation Support to allow your practice to be part of the new healthcare compensation environment and thrive within it. Optimus has secured strategic partners who understand that a physician governed entity is necessary for success.

Optimus has a proven health care executive team, drawing from two IPAs, Vista Health System and The Central Jersey Physician Network, who have done well in risk contracting in the early 1990s, maintained enhanced fee-for-service agreements and developed upside pay-for-performance agreements and distributions over the past 5 to 7 years, and developed novel care coordination programs to help in the transition to Patient Centered Medical Home. Our IPA's have helped practices become Patient Centered Medical Homes and have the most NCQA certified PCMH's in this part of the state.

Optimus is committed to bringing this care transformation process to you as a member of our network to ensure your success in this endeavor. Join us on our journey.

An accountable care organization that is successful needs to maintain referrals within our network of participating specialists. An accountable care organization that is successful will also decrease the need for excessive or unnecessary consultation and testing around the individual patient, but through population oversight identify those Medicare Fee-for-Service patients and Commercial patients who do require specialist services that currently are not receiving them..

Watch a short video on Clinical Coordination here